Marvel Heroes Omega Announcement Trailer Review

Marvel Heroes Omega

Looks like super hero junkies have something to look forward to on PS4 this Spring! PlayStation has announced that Marvel Heroes Omega will be coming to PS4 extremely soon. The best part of this is that they’re offering it completely free. We’re unsure if you need to be a Playstation Plus member or not but just in case you can become a member here. If not, then I’m sure they’d have additional DLC free for PlayStation Plus members.

Marvel Heroes Omega Characters

Marvel Heroes Omega appears to be an RPG/MMO mixed together. You can play as any of the numerous X-Men on the roster, Guardians of the Galaxy, and even your friendly neighborhood spider. From the announcement trailer we can see that it’s set up with a gameplay style similar to what Marvel released in the past with games such as Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, and X-Men Rise of Apocalypse. I’m hoping this means you start out with a basic power to use then progressively throughout the game you start unlocking better more powerful moves to use. Since the game will most likely play like the other games mentioned, you will need to use team work so communication is imperative. Talking online with others players will be essential so don’t be “that guy” without a gaming headset. My personal recommendation is Razer’s wireless Mano’War gaming headset that has surround sound for true immersive gaming audio. I’ve been using that one for a very long time and for a good reason too!

Marvel Heroes Omega

In the announcement trailer we catch a glimpse of a few of the characters and their powers. One that I’d like to highlight is the trio consisting of Dr. Strange, Ghost Rider, and Scarlet Witch. We’ve got the three of them launching an attack at once with Dr. Strange spewing magic beams out of his hands, Scarlet Witch blasting her red beams with what looks like a shield around her as well, and finally Ghost Rider spewing flames out of his mouth at our enemies. Side note: Why the heck is Deadpool riding a moped on “rainbow road”?

Marvel Heroes Omega Deadpool

We still don’t have a lot of details on this upcoming game but one thing we definitely noticed is the graphics. What the hell happened? I get that it’s a free game but come on! I’m still going to be downloading Marvel Heroes Omega once it’s released but hopefully by then the gameplay will look a little smoother once it’s finally out. Check out the trailer below and don’t forget to like us on Facebook over on the right hand side of our page!