What We Know about Spider-Man

Upcoming Spider-Man Game Looks Amazing
I am not a big fan of Spider-Man, but the news is exciting – finally, PS owners will get a chance try to do everything a spider can. Sony Interactive Entertainment, the studio behind PS classics “Ratchet and Clank” has announced that they have started working on the new game about the web-shooting superhuman, and so far the arts look pretty amazing.


The developers decided to stick to the original storyline and well-known hero – no spins and twists will be added to the game plot. While some might consider this a boring choice, pointing out the diversity of variations and crazy awesome fan theories about the hero and the universe, sticking to the classics is the best option the developers could try after such a long pause. It’s a safe choice that will ensure huge revenue for the publisher, and funding for future bolder turns of the story. Moreover, I bet you have seen at least one movie or played one game spoiled by too original storyline development that completely ruined it. Sometimes it’s better to stick to the source.

What Do We Know About the Game?

Well, not that much. Since there still from a year to a year and a half before the release date, if it won’t be delayed, the info about the upcoming game is scarce and unconfirmed. The gameplay is going to be a standard third-person perspective action-adventure. The game will be set in the open world of alternative modern-day New York. The setting of the game is promised to be six (!) times bigger than their previous open-world game “Sunset Overdrive.”

As for the gameplay, players will be able to enjoy classical Spider-Man abilities such as web shooting and wall crawling alongside with added parkour elements. According to the developers, environmental combat, stealth, and QTE will also be featured.

The plot, as we can tell at this moment, also won’t feature some massive twists and incredible character development. As much as I can tell from the info disclosed, it will be another episode in the series – Spider-Man fighting another villain with a new set of superpowers. This time it will be Inner Demons and Martin Li, a famous philanthropist who also happens to be a supervillain with an alter-ego called Mister Negative. We all have hobbies but leading a gang of henchmen who call themselves Inner Demons sounds suspicious. I believe we won’t have any other goals than defeating the gang and the main antagonist, but it’s good to be back to classics.

All in all, I am waiting for the game to come out, but not expecting too much from it. I believe I will like it because I didn’t put a lot of pressure on it, or because it will turn out to be awesome and exceed all my expectations. What do you guys think? Do you have some new info about the release date and details? Feel free to contact me; I will be grateful for any additional facts about the game!


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